Help For Remove White Backgrounds

Help removing white backgrounds

How do i purchase eliminate the White background in my forum sig?

CJ from Tempe, AZ USA, victimisation Photoshop seven with Windows XP, writes in with:

[Quote:] well i used to be creating a forum sig -- i saved it as a .jpg, however after I place it on the forum it had been a white background still. i had a clear background thus i figure that solely the sig can show, not a white background. however do i purchase eliminate that white background thus after I place it on the forum the sig stands on its own. thanks.

. . . Shaun replies:

Go back to your Photoshop psd file, choose the white background layer, click anyplace within the background layer with the Magic implement Tool - this may get rid of all the color and leave a transparency behind.

Now transfer the file to ImageReady and optimise it as a GIF. ought to keep the background clear.

Make sure to save lots of it as a GIF file -- keep in mind solely GIF (or PNG) files will have transparency on the web!


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